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January 25, 2007

Dates fixed

Ok here’s the big news that I’ve been waiting to blog. I’m getting married soonJ.

Yeah you read it right! Well a lot of things that had transpired earlier, which would help you in comprehending the entire scheme of things, but for now let me postpone that and come to the big news.

The dates are out and are…

Engagement – March 4th 2007

Marriage – April 21st 2007

Well to comfort your puzzled soul let me divulge some sketchy details. I’m getting married to one of my best friends. She was my classmate during my engineering :)

So, there you go and you’re welcome to make your own version of the story

January 01, 2007

New Year


Wish you a Happy and Prosperous New Year 2007.

This New Year means a lot of things to me, starting off with a new job and a new beginning in my life (more on this to be followed soon). And rightly, I had celebrated it with my friends by boozing away the entire night.

Interestingly, this was the first time I had boozed at my place (considering that I’ve started boozing only 6 months back and before you think more let me assure you that I am only a social drinker). My mom was pretty confused about this me-starting-to-booze thing and wasn’t exactly sure if she should chide or advise me on this: P. Well, I had done my bit of work by avoiding further talk on this topic.

Anyways, wish a Happy New Year and hope you all cross new milestones and achieve greater heights in life...

Cheers!!! ;)

December 29, 2006


Its always a great feeling to be with your loved ones and so here I am back in Hyderabad with my parents and friends to celebrate my birthday.

This time I had more reasons besides my birthday to celebrate, my job offer. Celebrating it with a relief of being employed and a security of a job makes celebration even more justified and enjoyable.

Anyways, as always, I had spent the entire day shopping, receiving calls and meeting friends.

Well that’s all for now and more in my next post.

December 24, 2006


One more in the bag. Today, WIPRO had come to the campus and I was made to sit for the process. I really don’t know if it was the confidence or don’t-care-attitude obtained from my PPO, I had handled the entire interview with great ease and comfort.

As the interview progressed, I knew it was a definite convert. And luckily this time, my instinct was right and had got the offer.

The best thing about this offer was that they had offered me the job in Hyderabad and this itself is a big cause that calls for celebrations.

Anyways, with two offers in hand, I feel more confused to decide between the two, so let me deal it with my greatest ability – procrastination J

December 20, 2006

Post PPO

Life post placement has been truly amazing. Ever since I had got the offer, I feel like having attained nirvana and that there’s hardly anything left in life to achieve.

Waking up at leisure, spending time by playing tennis, learning guitar, gaming with friends and watching movies will definitely make you feel nothing less than a king.

Imagine a phase of life where you can spend your time as and how you wanted as if you existed in a utopian world where you didn't have to worry about working or wasting your time. That’s exactly how it is for the guys who have bagged offers till now. Nowadays all we are expected to do is to suit-up and attend the presentations that companies have to make as and when required.

Life definitely is beautiful J

December 18, 2006


Finally, something to celebrate. Today IBM had come to the campus and offered me a PPO. (PPO stands for Pre-Placement Offer which companies offer to students after getting feedback on their internship with them. This means that they are offered a job without actually going through the process of selection). Though I had a clue of this coming but I could never take things for granted especially after what happened to me in the earlier post.

It was relieving to know that finally my efforts have fructified and have bagged a decent salary package. This would have definitely meant more to my parents who always wondered if I am taking a big risk in forfeiting job opportunities for preparing for entrance tests of management schools.

Well, this is it for now and am not sure if I can get better offers than this from the campus. So for now, its IBM where I’m heading J

Time to leave… as with great achievements comes great celebrations, I need to rush J.